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At Pete's Cobbler's Bench, our dedication to preserving and enhancing your belongings knows no bounds. We take pride in offering a wide array of services for women and men to ensure your footwear, accessories, and leather items are restored to and remain in top-notch condition, combining functionality and beauty.

Shoe & Accessory Repair

  • Replace soles, recover and replace heels, add sole guards

  • Stretch shoes to desired sizes

  • Shorten or replace belts, straps, and handbag handles

  • Repair and clean leather jackets

  • Repair or replace zippers

  • Repair handbags and wallets

  • Restore and clean sneakers and athletic shoes

  • Restore an antique leather goods (e.g., collectible sword cases, etc.)


Color & Style Enhancements

  • Complete color change for new or old shoes and accessories

  • Clean deeply leather uppers to remove dirt and built-up polish

  • Restore color


Protection & Enhancement

  • Weatherproof items for added protection in wet or oily environments

  • Cut/lower heels and install padding for added comfort and wearability

  • Replace buckles, rivets, tassels and more


Pete's Cobblers Bench doesn't just fix shoes; we revive the stories and memories woven into each pair, ensuring that they continue to serve their wearers with both style and durability.




We take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, guaranteeing that each service we offer restores, enhances, and preserves the quality and appearance of your beloved footwear and accessories.

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